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When a person is charged with a crime they have the option of posting a bail bond. The bond amount is set by a bail bond schedule, or by the Court according to the charges. The cost of a bail bond in Florida is 10% of the total bond amount.

We will sometimes require some form of guarantee, or collateral to assure the client's appearance in Court.The collateral requirements will vary according to the charges, and individual circumstances. Once the client complies with all the conditions of the bail bond contract, the bond is discharged and all collateral is returned to the depositor.

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Broward County Bail Bonds may be your fastest and most reliable way to get out of jail. If you or a relative are being held in custody as a result of an arrest, your bail will likely be set in court within a few minutes.

When that happens, you should consider hiring our 24/7 bail bonds service to help you obtain a quick release. Here at Broward County Bail Bonds we charge a small fee "percentage" by law and then post the rest of your bail on your behalf. Once bail is secured through our professional bondsmen, you will be free to prepare for your trial in the comfort of your own home. Contact our team of licensed bail bonds agents as soon as possible for a fast release.